How to auto-fill single select field when record is created

Im trying to use a form to add names to a field and have the following fields setup with single select choices that will randomly be chosen when the record is created.

im looking to make a NPC generator that fills in the choices for me after i put in a name

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You can fill in a single select value using an automation. However, if you want to fill in the field in the new record with a random value, you will need to use scripting.

If you can wait until a human can get to it, you can use the Batch Update app to randomly fill in the single select value for all the records in a view at once without scripting.

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How would the scripting look?

I recorded a video showing how to writing a simple script that update a field with a random single-select value. In the video, I run the script upon record creation. You can choose a different trigger.

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