How To Automatically Create A New Recorded Based On Information In Another Cell

HI everyone! Im creating a base for my company operations and I have a table with our supplies (paint, clear coat, sand paper, rags, etc.) and another table with tasks. When we have supplies that are running low I would like to be able to update that in the supplies table, lets say by creating a single select column and have an option for “Order Soon” then when I select that I want a new record to be created in the Tasks table to tell me I need to order more paint. I also have an equipment table that shows what tools and equipment we have and their condition so I would like to be able to do the same here so for example if something is broken I could create a single select option for “Broken” and when that is selected a new record is created in the Tasks table to order a replacement.

I hope this makes sense. If I should explain further please let me know.

Thank you for any help or work arounds or any advice!

Create a new view > + Grid > Add a filter of that single select column

It will not create a separate “Task” sheet. Instead a “Task View” (sort of) will be created containing supplies with “Order Soon” and “Broken” tags.


I didn’t think about doing that. Works great, thank you very much!

Hi Steve…I just read you question as mine was similar but I came up with a different solution. I have a group table and a task table and I didn’t want to to add my tasks to the group table as it is quite large already (lots of logistical details in organizing hotel group events). When in my groups table the ‘status’ field gets manually changed from ‘bid’ to ‘contract’ I have a field next to it that is a ‘link to table’ to my ‘tasks’ table in which when I hit the + in that record, it takes me to a form where i can ‘add a new record’ to my tasks table. Then, in my tasks table I can have it be automated using ‘lookup’ fields to pull the details from that group (event) record in the group table.
For You: Supply table: Quantity of item field, Status field (formula that when quantity field <5 it will print “Order Soon”) Have a view “Order Soon” which is a filter for that field. When you look at that view, have a ‘tasks table’ field that is a link to the tasks table. When you hit the + in that field it will take you to the tasks table where you can ‘add a record’. In your tasks table, maybe have the primary field be an order number where you can then have ‘lookup’ fields to pull the item information from the supply table and have other fields to track order date, quantity ordered, vendor, cost, delivery date, etc. Use views, filtering and grouping to easily see the status of an order for instance.
I hope this helps! I’m having fun figuring this all out as well.