How to automatically import data from one table to another if it satisfies a certain criteria?

Table (A) includes names of 1000s of candidates applying to our program. This includes 20 columns with all their info. The final column has the decision “Accepted” or “Rejected”

I want to create a different table - let’s call it Table (B)- whereby it only includes the names of the “Accepted” candidates so that I can continue to track them on other metrics.

How can I get the first (or second) column in table B to check those tagged as “accepted” in table (a) and then list selected data points (e.g. their the names) in table B?

Any ideas how to do that?

I’d like to just raise this question again.

Appreciate your help in advance!

I have this question too. Can it be done within Airtable, or should I create a Zapier automation?

I don’t know of a way to get Airtable to do this on its own, so Zapier or Integromat would be the way to do it.

I’m just curious, why do other metrics need to be in a separate table? I would think that creating another view and filtering it would achieve basically the same thing?

I’m hoping someone from the community can support here :slight_smile: