How to average data for one specific user?

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I’m new to this. I have created a table to collect student grades. I collect the data on a form and populate the Student and Score fields by use of a form. Thus, I have many different names in my Student field. When I filter the names, I easily separate out any specific student’s scores over the previous 20 tests. But, I cannot figure out how to AVERAGE these scores for each student. Can this be done, or is my data collection method fundamentally flawed and I should start over again?

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You should be able to easily solve this by GROUPING your records by Student. You can click on the “Group” button in the toolbar to do this.

Once your students are grouped, you can simply hover in the grey area above your Score field, and you will have the option to “Average” that field for each student.

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Thanks Scott.
I got the grouping part done but then could not see the Average option while hovering above the Score field. The only other option is the click the down arrow in a circle or the down arrow on the right. The down arrow in a circle offers the chance to change the field’s data type (not what I want) and the down arrow on the right has no AVERAGE option.

Where am I getting this wrong?

Thx Riku

You’re too far up. You need to hover your mouse within the grey area which represents the grouping itself.

Hi Scott,
Thanks for your patience. With my students successfully grouped I came down lower in the Score field and hovered more than a hummingbird but could only find “summary”, which contains no option to AVERAGE the scores grouped.
If you abandon me in exasperation it will be fully understandable.

Your score field needs to be a number field. If you have any further questions, please post a screenshot or a video.

Thanks Scott,
Ah, now I see what the problem is. In order to facilitate quick input I had made the Score field “single select” and listed all the possible score from 0 to 10 as a menu of selection options. Is there any way forward? Can I send these integer values to a number field for averaging? Or, is it impossible to use my input method AND to average the entries.

Create another field which is a formula field, and use this formula:


Then you can average on that field.

Well, I did that. I grouped the students by name to gather all of each student’s scores together but the formula field averages only each record and not ALL the records for each student. So, the formula field shows just the same figure as displayed in the Score field for each record.

Sorry, I can’t help you if you’re not going to post a screenshot like I requested above.

Only just figured out how to do that.

Wait it is working if I use the dropdown menu still to average the records. Well done. Thanks for your patience. Please direct me to the best beginners’ tutorial videos. I think I have much to learn.

Wonderful! :slight_smile: Please be sure to mark my comment above as the correct solution — you accidentally marked your own comment as the solution.

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