How to avoid the display of null numbers?

Hi, can I get a blank space/nothing instead of “0” as the result of a formula ?
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You can add some IF() to your formula to check the fields that are generating the zeros. Let’s say you have a Quantity value and if it is 0 the total will be 0. So:

IF(Quantity, Quantity * Price)

If there is not Quantity the Formula field value will be empty.

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Thanks a lot Elias !

It worked fine for all my fields… except one of them, I don’t understand why.
It’s a simple copy-paste, I retried several times, still get an error.
Formula too long ?

Are you using the autocomplete feature in the formula editing dialog to add the field names? I’m asking because the field containing the formula has spaces around the slashes—“Total Charges / m2 / an HT”—but the fields in your formula do not. Field references must be an exact match for the field name, including capitalization, spaces, etc.

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Thanks Justin,
I’m not sure, name of the field with the spaces around the slashes is not included in the formula. But I changed it before including the IF(…,) in the formula, maybe that’s why ?
I followed your suggestion, and used the autocomplete feature -instead of copy-paste- and it works fine now ! :ok_hand: Solved.
Cheers from Nice, France !


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