How to calculate difference between 2 records?

I need to calculate the evolution between two records.

Row 1 = Week 1 ; 50 followers
Row 2 = Week 2 ; 75 followers

In a column: (75-50)/50= 50% (progression of follower)
How to do it in Airtable? Thanks

Hi @Michael_Leidensdorf ,

you have to change your data structure by using one field (column) for week1, week 2, and progression of followers separately. The last field with be a function that runs the calculation.

Does it work for you ?


Airtable does not handle running totals well. If you only want the difference, you can link each record to its predecessor and calculate the difference. However, that is a lot of linked relationships to maintain. You can also use a script to calculate a running total. There is an example script in the docs.

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