How to calculate growth rate of attendees?

I am running an event/webinar series, and I’m wanting to identify the total number of people attending the event for the first time (as to get an indication of growth).

I have two linked bases

  1. The event series
  2. the attendees

Key information I believe required (that I have):

  • Date of each event
  • Event name
  • Attendee name
  • Attendees assigned to events
  • Total attendees at the event

My thinking was to create some sort of formula as you see in this image below:
(However, you cannot dynamically link a date from the base into the date field in this image.

~ Essentially my logic is:
Count attendees if this is their first event.
– Get dates of the events
–List dates that attendee was at an event.

– Get an event date
–If the attendee Does not include dates before event in testing. Count. ~ Aggregate and sum of growth is printed.

Any tips on how I can make this happen?

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