How to change Currency


Is there any way if changing the currency fro $ to my local currrncy?


You can set a ‘currency symbol’ value in the configuration for currency fields. This changes the character(s) that precede the numeric value in the field, but it doesn’t change the icon used in the column header to indicate this is, indeed, a currency field. It also does not provide support for currency indicators that follow the value. It does support multi-character indicators (e.g., Lek, kr, R$), and it maintains a trailing space, should you prefer, say, £ 10 to £10.

If you need something fancier — for instance, right-aligned values with a fixed number of spaces, à la MS Offices ‘Accounting’ format — you might want to take a look at the routines and base referenced in this earlier post. Values are displayed in a formula field, so data must be entered in a different field, and I forgot to provide for a trailing currency indicator; however, the routines do allow for alternative thousands and decimal indicators and the use of parentheses to designate negative values.