How to Change Multiple Columns Based on One Column in Different Tables

Hello everyone…

I have two tables, the KPI table and the Months table. Each row in the KPI table has a month that is in the Months table.

I want every time there is a change in the status column to ‘A’ in the month table, the month column in the KPI table also changes.

I have tried to use automation, step 1 ‘when a record is updated’ then step 2 ‘find record’ on KPI table which is stsrec is N and ‘Update records’ KPI table based on automation step 1 but the result failed.

Any suggestions on how to create an automation to change multiple rows based on a single row change?

Thank you for the response

Pic Table KPI


Pic Table Months

airtable 2

Pic Automation

Hi @Rukhan_Zakaria ,

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The short answer is you cannot use the automation to trigger changes to different records (rows) unless you use a script (which is very simple).

If you dont want to use a script, there are numerous other options.

  1. Use a Last Modified field in the Months table and LookUp in the KPI table so when the record is updated it triggers the automation from the KPI table not the Months table (i.e. every record will use an automation)

  2. Why dont you just use the LookUp field itself? Im not sure what you are trying to achieve but it looks like it can be very helpful as well

Thank you for your answer @Mohamed_Swellam :grinning:. I really appreciate the solution provided. It opens up some ideas that haven’t been thought of before.

I will try some other ways as suggested. I still have a lot to learn about airtable script.

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