How to change order of "Dated Notes" to most current on Top

I have a “Communication Log” table to add a record for every communication event with a client. In my “Client” table I’ve created a Link to the “Communication Log” table so every client record shows every time we’ve contacted that client. One of the fields in the “Communication Log” table is a “Notes” field for adding comments about each contact and I’ve dated the Note for each record.

Now back to the Client table, I’ve added a Lookup function to show all the “Dated Notes” from the Comm Log. Unfortunately, the notes are displayed first to last based on date/time record was created, and I’d like to have them displayed last to first based on the date I selected in the record, so the most current notes are on top. Is there a way to do this?

Also, is there a way to add a carriage return in a formula? I’d like to have each new note displayed on a separate line. Here is the formula I’m using and would like to add a carriage return in place of the blank spaces at the end of the formula.

(DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, ‘M/D/YYYY’) & " — ") & {Communication Notes} & " "


\n adds the carriage return. Below, I use two of them to make it easier to read each entry. I would also like to change the sort so the most recent notes are on top in a rollup.

IF(AND(Notes,{Internal Note}), DATETIME_FORMAT({Create Date Florida Time},‘llll’)&"-"& Contact &"- (Internal)- “&{Internal Note}&” (External)- “& Notes & “\n\n”,
IF(Notes,DATETIME_FORMAT({Create Date Florida Time},‘llll’)&”-"& Contact &" (External)- “& Notes & “\n\n”,
IF({Internal Note}, DATETIME_FORMAT({Create Date Florida Time},‘llll’)&”-"& Contact &"- (Internal)- "&{Internal Note} & “\n\n”, BLANK())))

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Thanks Eric, worked great. Looks much better! Now if we can figure out how to sort most recent notes on top???

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