How to change the default table on site load?

We make new tables frequently, but when I visit our site (Without any date filter embedded in the url, just airtable / our ID number) it always defaults to being on the one same table from over a year ago, and we have to arrow over to the new ones we are working on.

Is there a way to change what table shows up when you first load the site without having to arrow over each time?

I see a topic about changing the default VIEW within a table, but this is different, I’m talking about the tabs along the top not the views within them.

Have you tried dragging the table you want all the way to the far left?

I haven’t tried that, but the current default already isn’t the one furthest to the left. It’s one in the middle somewhere (but not the exact middle, either. It’s the 8th one over out of 21 total)

Are you using a bookmark? That may be the problem

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