How to change the "From" name when sending Gmails through automations

Hey guys,

I’ve got several automations set up where the action is sending emails from my Gmail account. However, the “From” name in these emails isn’t aligned to the “From” name on my Gmail account - it’s simply displaying my email address as the “From” name.

Can anyone help?

The From identity is typically off-limits to change by you, Airtable, or anyone else. It’s a security thing.

And email clients typically determine how to render the From address, so something from might use your contact info to pretty it up with your name instead of your email address.

If you contact support about this, I predict the response will be -

For security reasons our policy is to use only the email address of the linked account.

No, this is not true.

@Susie_Carr To designate your “From” address, just click on the button that says “show more options” and you can specify your “From” name, amongst many other options.

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I hadn’t seen that! Thanks so much

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Ah, so help me understand - it is possible to change the from address? I could literally use

You’re welcome! Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

The “From Name” can be anything you want it to say. For example: “The President of the United States”.

But the “From Email Address” must be one of the authorized email addresses that has been added to your Gmail account. Gmail lets you authorize as many email addresses as you’d like, even if they’re not from the Gmail domain, and you can add them to your Gmail account. You have to prove ownership of the email address, and then you can use your Gmail account to send via those addresses.

You can also set the “Reply-To email address” and several other options as well.

Ahhhh, my bad. I conflated “From” with address, and @Susie_Carr was clear - it’s the name, not the address.

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