How to check a new record for uniqueness in the same table?

Good afternoon
I am currently doing a personal nutrition project and I want to solve the following question:
There is a table of products, and I want to check for a duplicate when a new record is entered, maybe such a product was already in the database

I tried to do it through automation, and mark a duplicate, but automation does not work

Maybe someone else knows how to deal with entering duplicates in one table?

Hey Andrei, I tried to watch that video you linked but there wasn’t any sound, so I’m not really sure what’s going on.

One thing I would like to check though is how you’re creating the record. Your trigger is “When record created”, and if you’re creating records manually then that would run immediately, even when the Name field is blank which may be causing these issues?

I shared on youtube

I think so, problem in trigger
I try to use FORM view and this aoutomations run normal

Ahh, yeah, then that should be the issue. You could look into using a checkbox to trigger the automation instead perhaps?

I would to instance control dublicates

Thx for the idea, i make trigger “then field update” for name and now this works good!

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