How to combine several summary bar totals onto a dashboard


I have several tables (lets say X, Y, Z, and many more), each of which includes a column called, say, “Mapping to BLAH”, with ‘Percent Filled’ in the summary bar, indicating how many of the records in each table have been mapped to items in another table BLAH.
I want all of these summary ‘Percent Filled’ totals to appear on a dashboard, to give an overview of mapping progress.

I cannot figure out how to do this.


The only way to get them all in one place would be to create a new table (or wherever you want your ‘dashboard’) and link all records you want to see in one place to a single record in that table. Then you can use Lookup, Roll-up, and Formula fields to extract the data you need.

Unfortunately this workaround is the best way I currently know how to do this (unless you use a third-party app to pull the data elsewhere, or perhaps a series of Airtable Blocks in a Blocks dashboard where you can see it all if you have a paid account).


Thanks Alex!
your workaround suggestion will do the trick for now.