How to configure a conditional, combined DATETIME_DIFF formula


What would be the easiest way to configure a formula that combines all of these?

  • IF({Request Type}=‘New’, DATETIME_DIFF({DCML Issue Date Lookup},RequestDate,‘days’)

  • IF({Request Type}=‘Major Update (Procedure Change)’, DATETIME_DIFF({DCML Rev Date Lookup},RequestDate,‘days’)

  • IF({Request Type}=‘Minor Update (Formatting, Spelling, Grammar, etc.)’,DATETIME_DIFF({DCML NCC Date},RequestDate,‘days’)

  • IF({Status}=‘Incomplete / Closed’, DATETIME_DIFF({Status Last Modified Date},RequestDate,‘days’)

I tried a formula that combined the first two, and the system accepts it, but it doesn’t return anything.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would use a combination of SWITCH() and IF() statements for this:

   {Request Type},
   "New", IF(
      AND({DCML Issue Date Lookup}, {RequestDate}), 
      DATETIME_DIFF({DCML Issue Date Lookup}, {RequestDate}, "days")
   "Major Update (Procedure Change)", IF(
      AND({DCML Rev Date Lookup}, {RequestDate}), 
      DATETIME_DIFF({DCML Rev Date Lookup}, {RequestDate}, "days")
   "Minor Update (Formatting, Spelling, Grammar, etc.)", IF(
      AND({DCML NCC Date}, {RequestDate}), 
      DATETIME_DIFF({DCML NCC Date}, {RequestDate}, "days")
   "Incomplete / Closed", IF(
      AND({Status Last Modified Date}, {RequestDate}), 
      DATETIME_DIFF({Status Last Modified Date}, {RequestDate}, "days")

The above formula will test the {Request Type} and depending on its value output the relevant difference between two dates only if both those date fields have a value.

This is great, thank you!

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