How to consolidate and update with cleaned csv data

Hi there. I’m losing my mind and can’t figure out what seems like a simple task…

I have a tab in a base that had a few columns missing data, so I downloaded it as a CSV, did a bit of cleaning, added the data to the empty columns in Excel, and now I want to consolidate the CSV back into the tab in the base, so that all the data is linked.

I installed the CSV import block, and tried to use it, but all it did was import the csv to a new tab, instead of updating the exiting tab with the new data to the proper columns.

any help is appreciated!

I don’t even see the option for making a new table when importing a CSV file. The top of the import block is where you choose the table where the data will be imported, so that’s the table it should use.

Could you post a screenshot or two showing the block setup, as well as your tables (blotting out sensitive data as needed)?

Hi there!

I figured it out! I had to chose the proper match field, once I did that it all worked.


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