How to convert a number to a string ? (Problem with decimals)

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, I’ve a problem when I CONCATENATE(Montant HTVA)

As you can see, I have decimals that appears from nowhere :frowning: I need to convert my prices into string to be able to generate an invoice that include all my items lines.

How can I solve that problem?

Hey @Beerfood_hello

Instead of

Thanks for your answer, but it doesn’t works :confused: When I use it for “Montant HTVA”, it shows only the integral number

Make sure to update the formatting to show decimal places.
Then you’d need to another formula field to “join” the values if you need the EURO sign at the end.

I replicated your example and fully expected to get a sensible result, unlike yours. But no, I got those weird trailing decimal places as well.

ROUND doesn’t work as you would expect either. I think there’s something going on under the hood with floating point variables.

What you are trying to do should be possible and work as you would expect.

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