How to convert number to certain decimals but still keep the original

I am putting different decimals accurate no. to my table, but I just want them to show in 2 decimals. Like in pop. column, I put 1.459868 and 1.84390809. I want them to show as 2 decimals but keep the original. So in one day I still can convert back to the originals. How to do that?


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Just create a formula field that looks like this:

ROUND({Number Field},2)

Replace “Number Field” with the name of your number field.

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Thanks. what you mean that I still need to leave the original column there and create another formula field there? Otherewised I can not use the same column when I put the formula.
if no, please give me a little bit more detail. Thanks so much.

Yes, that is correct.

thanks, but still bit disappointed , but generally, airtable is great still

I agree. Disappointing that a field needs a second field just for rendering. With this design, if there are five different rendering requirements for this field, you will need six fields in all - silly.

Ideally, rendering should be separated from values. Wait!!! We said that in 1998 with web content. There was an entire conferenced devoted to the separation of content from style. [sigh]

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