How to copy some rows from 1 table to second using automation

i have table 1
with invoice nr, product, quantity
i want to copy selected records to another table using automations
i find the record, that meats the criteria (invoice nr) and want to “copy” those to another table
so i make triger, find records (found 4) and now i want to copy those to the table 2
i try to use “create record” (in table 2), but i get 1 row with multiple products - i want to get 1row with 1 product from what i find - please can anybody tell me how to, or what am i doing wrong ?

Hi @Matej_Mudrik, you’re trying to create multiple records with automations, which is currently not possible. As you’ve seen you can only create one record at a time.

Creating multiple records is currently only possible with a script and I’ve actually made a video about it:

Happy to answer any questions if you choose to go down that route (you’ll need an Airtable Pro Account though).

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(although the video actually focusses on creating more than 50 records at a time, which is not exactly your issue. But you’ll see how to create multiple records in this video as well :slight_smile: )

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