How to count Posts by Company in last seven days?

There are two linked tables:

  • Posts (ie. an index of blog posts, with dates)
  • Companies (a list of companies who author blog posts)

Companies already has a Count field column to display the total Posts by given Company.

However, I’d like also to count the posts by Company within the last seven days.

One view of Posts is filtered to show records with dates within the last week.

But how do I utilise this or similar on the Companies table?


Hi @Robert_Andrews - you can use the “conditional” setting on the count field:

When you toggle this on you can set the conditions much like a filter on a view (but you’re not using an existing view here directly - just replicating its conditions within this count field)

Ahh… perfect, @JonathanBowen. Diolch/thanks!

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