How to create a drop-down list from a lookup field


When creating a record, in a table such as an Opportunity, and the Company has been entered (related/lookup table), how do you display a field based on the Contacts related to the Company - in a drop-down menu - to pick a single or multi value


Ive asked about this as well! Definitely a much needed function as it is literally the ONLY thing keeping me from being able to convince my colleagues to use this as our CRM…

I’d actually go a step further and say that there needs to be the ability to “Call” a Related/Lookup within the Formula field as well as be able to use the current Lookup field as a “Link” to the record rather than just Text.

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Agreed, and this with a few more functions (events, triggers, etc.) I could make this a full functioning CRM, especially with the Slack integration (that also needs some customization)

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I’m looking forward to when they get the cross-base capability rolling so that we can setup specific Bases for the information and can clean up the general look of the Base being used.

Have you found any integration (other than just designing a PHP/similar API triggered page) for using as a more polished Front End facade? Most of our users just get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information immediately presented that they end up not inputting things correctly (or at all…)

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Even when using the “Form” view to customize an input UI?


Yes, mainly because the Form View doesn’t allow for updating an existing record… Most of the input that’s needed for their part is updates and linking to existing records.

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Did you ever get an answer to this - or get it working?

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Did you get the answer guys? Really need to do this to use Airtable as a backend service for data collection app. Any help or direction would be much appreciated.



Hello, just purchased the plus plan to try this out bit more.

I thought this would definitely be a feature, it is not?


Sadly, this is a MUCH needed feature and yet not supported yet. Would love to get this kind of feature rolled in (or a way to do it with some fancy formulas.)

Been recommending this to colleagues who don’t code and all of them have been wanting this ability.