How to create a field where each record is a consecutive date

Is there an easy way of creating a column (field) in Airtable that includes consecutive dates (ie. each record shows the next date on from the record before)?

The only way I find I can do this is to manually insert each date.

Another way would be to select two of the dates and drag down or up through empty records (a la a spreadsheet). But unlike Apple Numbers you cannot create new records as you drag. Therefore you have to pre-create the empty records. The problem is that the empty records are not adjacent to the most recent date (and I want to add dates after the most recent date). The empty records always appear at the other end of the list of records.

I assume I am missing something basic?


Hey @eyrebabel

Yeah, you’ll need to create new records using Shift+Enter and hold it down to create them quickly. Then, enter in a few consecutive dates, highlight them, and drag it down so it automatically fills with the next dates in order.

I’m not sure of a better way, except maybe a script. And that’s out of my wheelhouse.

The idea on my head was to use an Autonumber field, and create a Formula field using the DATEADD() functión, adding the Autonumber of days. So every new record is a day after the last one.

Captura de pantalla 2022-01-24 a las 22.48.49

Note: If you delete a record, the autonumber value does not recalculate (see the missing 6).

If you want to pre-create several records with consecutive dates, you can turn off auto-sorting, create the records, and then turn sorting back on.

Airtable is different from a spreadsheet in that row order is very flexible. When auto-sorting is turned off, you can easily drag rows into different orders. You can also create different views with different sort orders.

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Thank you for the great suggestions. They make it much easier for me!

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