How to create a linked record field that links to the values in a cell in the same row in the same table?

[context] I’m starting with Airtable to make a database of our library system. We borrow boxes which contain items. I have made one table with the boxes we borrow, and one table with the items in the boxes. Each time a box is borrowed, we check if it is still complete. When there are items missing, it should be marked in the table by the volunteer that verified the box. So it should be as simple as possible.

[Problem] I would like to be able to choose from a multiple choice menu which item is missing. And I would like that menu to only contain the items that are available in that particular box, more specifically the items that are selected in the linked record field ‘content’ (see image bellow).
Is that possible in Airtable? Or is there a workaround that gives the same result of easy verifying?

[Illustration] I made an illustrative base to show what my base looks like, with the minimum of information. Of course we have much more boxes and items. That’s why a simple linked record doesn’t work well, there are too much options to choose from.

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