How to Create a Log?

I would like to create a daily log to track how often I got up from my desk to take a brief walk. How would I go about counting the number of times I did it?

Here’s what I did so far:

  • Row A (“Date”)
  • Column 1 (Checkbox)
  • Column 2 (Checkbox)
  • Column 3 (Checkbox)
  • Column 4 (Inserted this Formula: SUM({Break1}+{Break1}+{Break1})

It seems like overkill, though, to have to create a new column to track each activity. Is there a simpler way I can do this?

@Michael_Rubin It seems to me you have an Excel-approach in mind. Every day is one single row, and that’s why you think of adding columns.

How about letting go of that idea, and think of adding a new record every time you add a new instance? For example, you can create a new entry by entering any data you want. A “CREATED TIME” field would register the date and time.

When you create another table you can sum the instances you got up by using the function ROLL. Something like that?



I need to have the list of sessions or interactions by different users with the database as log list and in real time.

@Andre_Zijlstra This apparently simple concept just changed some big things for me. Thanks for contributing.