How to Create a Search bar for an interface that searches through all entries to find a match

I am test-driving Airtable and I have set up an Interface. But instead of just being able to search through one column (Names, Last Names etc). I want to find a match anywhere in the record. There is no Search Element only a Record Picker. Any ideas, anything that I missed?


Hi Navarchy, hmm, you could make a formula field that concats all of the values of the fields you want to look up, and then use the filter element on that field?

Search entire record workaround


Thanks for replying. It could be my lack of knowledge of Airtable. But I think that filter is only applicable outside the Interface environment.

Hm, the gif above is an interface set up with a Filter element in it. Here’s a screenshot of the setup

This is a really cool idea :bulb:

I think I made a mistake myself here. I am looking for a database that just shows the Interface to a certain person and allows them to use it for info. After testing it with a second account I noticed a user can still see the full spreadsheet. Which is something I do not want at all.

I was under the impression the interface section was the only thing a person I invited could see.

This is a very common misconception.

If you only need to share info in a particular table, look into shared views. If you need to share selected info across multiple tables (and have budget), look into third party portal services.