How to create a single-date Calendly-like reservation form?

I already receive submissions to my Airtable via a form, and would like to allow submitters to pick a date from a list of available dates from a calendar field. Once someone reserves or picks a date and submits the form, that date should be removed from the list of available dates.

I would also like to allow people to reserve dates up to 3 weeks into the future.

Calendly already supports this functionality (and in fact I have a Calendly for this purpose) but would prefer to be able to collect submissions from a single Airtable form.

Is this possible?

Hi @chrismessina,

Because Airtable’s built-in forms have limited functionality, I can only think of one way to do this with Airtable… but it’s a pretty cool way, because it works perfectly! :wink:

It involves linking your records between 2 different tables. These are the steps you’ll take:

  1. Create another table in your base which is your “Dates” table.

  2. In this Dates table, change the primary field to a “Date” field.

  3. Now start adding records to this table. Each record will represent a single date that you are available. You will continually go back to this table in the future to keep adding new dates that you are available. In other words, you will be managing future availability from this table.

  4. Back in your main table, you probably already have a “Date” field listed there. We’re going to change this field from a normal “Date” field to a “linked record” field instead. This new “linked record” field will link to your new “Dates” table. Any existing dates from your main table will automatically become records in your new “Dates” table.

  5. Going back to your new “Dates” table, you will notice that Airtable automatically created a new field linking BACK to your Main Table. If you don’t see this field, it’s underneath “hidden fields”. Make a mental note of the name of this new field.

  6. While still in your “Dates” table, create a new “Grid View” of your data. We’re going to filter this view to ONLY show you your dates that are up to 3 weeks into the future. Using the filter at the top of the screen, filter this view to only show you: “Date is within the next 21 days”.

  7. But now, we also need to add in one more filter as well. We only want to show Dates that haven’t yet been selected in your main table. Remember the name of the new field that you remembered in step #5 above? Add this field as an “AND” criteria for your filter, and set it to “EMPTY”.

So the combination of #6 and #7 above will show you ONLY the dates in the next 21 days that haven’t yet been selected in your Main table.

  1. Switch back to your “Main” table. Go to your “Form” view that people have been filling out. Add your “Date” linked record field to this form, and then click on that field to edit it. You’ll notice “Limit record selection to a view”. Choose the new view that you created in step #6 above.

That’s it! As easy as pie! :wink:

Hope this helps! If this answers your question, could you please mark this comment as the solution to your question? This will help other people who have a similar question. If not, please let me know what else you need help with! :slight_smile:


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