How to create a view to combine records in multiple views into one view / base?

I have differnt bases for diffent types of leads, like LA leads in one base,
NY leads in one base.

I Wanna be able to see all the nation leads in one base so as to eliminate duplicate records or do more research because two leads can be of same company and I want the records at same location to quickly do some research.

Is there any particular reason your setup involves multiple bases, instead of a single table with multiple views?

Yes I like to separate the stuff.

In that case I doubt its worth it to keep things in separate bases, especially since you want everything to end up back in one table anyway.

Using multiple filtered views on a single table in a single base you can look at LA leads and NY separately. In addition, you could have an unfiltered view in that same table to look at all leads nationwide.

Using views is going to save you the incredible headache of trying to do duplicate-detection across multiple bases. There isn’t a native way to sync multiple bases in Airtable, to do that you’ll need to setup a (probably) complicated Zapier integration or use another 3rd party integration like miniExtensions.

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I don’t want things end up in one table,

But I need the ability to merge various tables to do my research & then let go.

Please let me know.


^ I took that to be literal, and extrapolated that if you’re trying to do duplicate-detection the easiest way to do it is with working with a singular table.

If you’re steadfast in constantly merging tables from separate bases into one base, you’ll need a Zapier (or Integromat or Parabola) integration or miniExtensions integration as mentioned above.

I upload new records each day. Many of them may have same records in differ they bases but I don’t wanna waste my time on duplicates. So how do we handle this situation ?


Again, you’d save a lot of time if you put everything in one table; Airtable has a DeDupe block made specifically to merge duplicates. Even same base, different tables would be far less time-consuming using a fairly simple script.

Once more, if you’re going to maintain separate bases, you’d need need a Zapier/Integromat/Parabola integration which:

  1. “Listens” for a new record in any of your multiple bases
  2. Searches each of your multiple bases for a record which matches a unique key (like an email address, phone number, etc.)
  3. Copies the field values from the trigger record to the field values of the duplicate found in your other bases.

If you go with Zapier, this process might be made easier by On2Air Actions, which is another 3rd party integration.

I don’t like zapper. It sounds scary to me.

A Zapier integration (likewise with similar services such as Integromat and Parabola) would be difficult to set up to accomplish what you’re asking for. That’s why every one of my replies starts with a push to do it the easy (and free) way of using a single table.

Or you can hire an Airtable expert to do all the setup for you.

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Well in an incredible bit of cosmic timing, Airtable just released the ability to sync records across bases so here you go:


I think they did a minor mistake, it should be available to all plans. Could you please check whats going on here ?


I don’t know what you mean by mistake. Also, I don’t work for Airtable, so I can’t just “check what’s going on” any more than you can.

If you’re trying to say “I want more syncing capability for free plans” that’s not something I or anyone else can help you with. If you’re tying to say “syncing hasn’t been made available for my bases yet” they may still be rolling out the feature to all users throughout the day.


Ooh, I hadn’t heard about Parabola until you mentioned them! Looks like a great service, and they even cover a few services that Integromat and Zapier don’t cover — such as DocSpring, which creates PDF files from a template.

Very cool! Thanks for the heads-up! :slight_smile:

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