How to create linked fields with multi select?


I’m looking to solve something that is probably very basic. I have a master table that I’d like to bring in add’l data (size) into from Table 2 using the first column as the key.

In this example, here is size data from table 2 that will be going over to the Master Table.

In the Master Table, I’d like multi select fields with the data from Table 2.

Can anyone please help me figure this out?


To do that you need to link your records together. Unlike other systems, Airtable doesn’t ask you to find “matching keys”. It is more direct in that Link Records are the key from the other table you’re trying to link to. So if you’re saying “Connect bob to big, small, and med” then “big, small, and med” should be the values present in the first field. Right now with your current structure, your linked records would say “Connect bob to bob, bob, and bob” which is hardly useful data.

You’re going to need to restructure your base. thinking of your usecase, either:

  1. you need to just link each person from Master table to one or more sizes, one time each
  2. same as 1, except you need each combination of person & size as its own record

If (1) fits your desired outcome, just convert your Size column in Master Table to a Link Records field pointed at a Sizes table. Table 2 would be redundant.

If (2) fits your use case, then modify Table 2 by making the Name column unique values, adding a Link Records field to connect it to Master Table. That Link Records field is where you’d type in the person. Name could be a formula like {Link Field} & " - " & {Size}. Then add a Lookup field to Master Table to pull in all the sizes for each person.


Thank you, Kamille. I was able to figure this out with your suggestions (the first option you proposed).

Thanks again

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