How to Create Social Share Language for Forms

I’m sharing a form on social media where we’re asking for sign ups. It currently shows the Airtable image and logo and “Airtable: Organize anything you can imagine” in the Link Preview on Facebook and Twitter, but that doesn’t show the user an accurate picture of what’s in the link. Is there a way to customize the Twitter card/facebook mark up language so our own content appears in the link preview?

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Welcome to the community, Kristin! While I haven’t directly done what you’re looking to do, my gut feeling is that you need to insert a level of separation into the process. Instead of directly sharing a link to an Airtable form, embed the form into a webpage, then share a link to the page. I believe that FB/Twitter both look for images in pages when building previews, so you’ll need to design your page in such a way that FB/Twitter will pick up the image/branding what you want. Again, that’s just a hunch. I’ve not delved that deeply into customizing shared content, so it’ll take some additional research to find out how to optimize the page for that.


This is handled through the Open Graph API, a special set of meta tags in the HTML. I think Airtable should use at least the og:title from the name of the Form.

@Justin_Barrett’s suggestion is the best way right now, and if you use some CMS like WordPress, it’s easy to customize the OG tags:

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