How To Delete A View?


Tinkering with making new views. I managed to create some that I don’t want. How do I delete them using IOS?


Hi @bob_aycock

I have an iPad and the way to delete a view is:

Open the base you want to delete a view.

At the top left hand corner, you will see “Grid view”, select that, find the view you want to delete.

You will see an “Edit” option on the far right, in the upper corner.

Select it and a dialogue box opens up and near the bottom it will say “Delete view”. Select it and that should do it for you.

You may notice that all the original records might disappear. In that case, you just create a view in the “Grid view” option and name it “ALL RECORDS” and all the original records should reappear.

Hope this helps.



WORKED! Thanks Mary :tada: