How to delete multiple duplicates, in a single click?

How to delete multiple duplicates, in a single click?
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You’ll need to define “duplicates” within this context. Normally I would think that means two rows of data that are entirely identical.

Thanks Zollie.
Ok, my questions was, once we identified multiple duplicates on the sheet or page, How do we can delete multiple duplicates with single click. Already Airtable had an option that review the each duplicates then merge / delete.
My questions is: How can we delete the multiple duplicates with the single click.

Airtable might not natively support what you’re describing. The closest tool (which it sounds like you’ve found) is this block. If you want any more advanced features, you can look at integrations or API development.

Otherwise, if the process you’re trying to accomplish only needs to happen every now and then, I believe Excel has an effective duplicate removal tool. Best of luck.

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