How To Disable Views

A couple months ago, Airtable started forcing the All Views left sidebar into all my bases. This is extremely annoying and invasive. I don’t need that view. It is distracting to always have to close it every time I open a base. Airtable should allow users the option to disable that feature and return to how things were prior to a couple months ago…with the base opening and NOT showing All Views left sidebar.

Welcome to the community, @Kerry_Kriger1.

There is an ongoing thread (see below) about this monstrosity… please add your comments to the thread below.

But also, be sure to email with your thoughts on this disaster. Airtable doesn’t often listen to user feedback, but who knows.

I will post on the ongoing thread page. I did email Airtable about it a couple months ago. They acknowledged my comments but never took action.

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