How to Display a Multiple Select Option Conditional


I need to figure out how to display multiple select options in a cell that is contingent upon another cell. I’m making a list of corporate goals, then under corporate goals I have department goals. I want my cell to display only goals that I choose from within the department goal category.

I have one column for Strategic Goals, another column for Department, and another column that I want to use to display Departmental Goals. I want to be able to search within the Department to select the goals I want displayed within the cell without it showing me every department goal. Is this doable? Please help asap! Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @Artur_Elizarov! :smiley: This can’t be done with multiple select fields, but could be done with a clever setup that uses linked records. Here’s the thread from @W_Vann_Hall that outlines the setup:

Is it able to display multiple choices? For example I may have 3 goals within the Sales department I want to display from within the cell. Would I be able to choose all 3 or just 1?

I haven’t built that setup myself, but my hunch is that it would allow you to make multiple selections because you are just adding links to another table.

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