How to display specific record to user?


we are a team with 4 salesmen.
This is my flow:

  1. New record with lead info is created.
  2. Lead is tagged to a salesperson, in a round configuration. Each time a new lead to another salesperson
  • The point I can not solve is: How to display only the relevant leads for each salesman?
    I want salesman A will see only the leads tagged to him. And that he will not be able to see the leads that are tagged to the others salesmen / B / C / D,
    Right now, I have one table, do I need to create the same table for every salesperson?

If to solve this issue I will have to use Integromat is it’s not a problem. share with me your thought how my scenario should be?


A possible solution is to create a specific grid view that is filtered based on the salesperson. You can hide specific fields based on what information need to know or not know. I generally have a masterlist Gridview and then others depending how I want my data displayed. I believe you can make each view private or password protected.