How to download a Form

Hi, how can I download the submissions to my form?
I need to save each form individually as a pdf, word doc or something similar (not in excel format!) so that I can include it in the file for each person that completes the form.

I kindly appreciate guidance on how to download each form individually.


Hi @Lina_Escamilla,

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There is no direct way to download a form

However, you can use the page designer block to create a PDF of the answers.


Thanks, im very new to Airtable. Can you please advise what the page designer is and how I could create that PDF? thank you!

oh just saw a tutorial of page designer block @Mohamed_Swellam but unfortunately it is a paid feature and I wouldnt want to pay $10 a month just to access that since all the other functionalities I needed are included in free. Aside from the fact that I do need to see the form submissions indivudally, I gueess I ll have to outsource that function out to Google Forms unfortunately. thanks for your help!

Hi @Lina_Escamilla, yes this is a paid feature, $20 actually since it is on the Pro Plan not the Plus Plan.

How much formatting do you need in the file for each person?

If you don’t need any formatting, you can print the individual records to a pdf file.

Another option is to paste the submissions to an Excel file, and then perform a Word Mail Merge from the Excel file. It may take some experimenting to get the mail merge to work with the formatting you want, but it is possible to have quite a bit of formatting with this method. If you will need to do convert form submissions to individual .pdf files for free on an ongoing basis, it might be worth looking into.

If this is a one-time process, you can upgrade the workspace to a Pro account on a month-to-month basis, and then downgrade the workspace when you are done with the Page Designer.

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