How to Edit a "Not Represented" Collaborator

I am being billed for a collaborator who I added, but whose account does not show up in the edit collaborators dialog, which instead shows the message:

“This workspace also has 1 base collaborator not represented above.”

So I have no way to disable, delete or otherwise lower my monthly bill, even though the collaborator account is no longer in use, or needs to be changed to a different persons. Any suggestions?

If you haven’t already done this, I suggest writing directly to Airtable support. Only they can look at things behind the scenes on your account.

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In order to identify base level collaborators, you have to open each individual base and look at the list of collaborators for the base. This can take a long time if you have many bases. Plus, even if you remove a collaborator from one base, that person could be a base level collaborator for multiple bases, so you still have to check every base.

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Go to your Account Details ( and look at each Workspace. It will list all the billable collaborators and will tell you which base they’re added in if they only have base-level permissions, or it will list them as a workspace collaborator if they have access to all the bases.


@kuovonne and @Kamille_Parks have a much better handle on this than I do. I almost never use the collaboration features of Airtable.

This was the problem, I was not “in” the base to which the collaborator had been assigned. thanks or the pointer!

Ah yes, @Kamille_Parks is correct that you can find all billable collaborators on the account page. I was thinking how the only way to find all collaborators (including free collaborators) was to check each base individually.

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