How to embed an editable Airtable table on a website?



How do I embed an entire airtable table into my website but allow people to edit it (it will be on a password protected site with viewers who only have permission to edit). When I tried to embed the airtable it was only viewable not editable on my website?

Fyi I’m using Adobe Muse html widgets.


Seconded. This feature would be extremely useful but I haven’t yet found a way of doing it.


You could use an iframe.


I tried to use an iframe with Adobe muse html widget box but with no avail. Care to share the code? Cheers.


Looks like Airtable’s customer service is poor. This is a basic question, and no answer yet, from Feb of 2017…


This isn’t a customer service forum, it’s a community forum. Airtable has two avenues for seeking customer service - via email to and via the in-app support chat system.

They will also occasionally respond to posts made in the “bugs” section of these forums. This post, however, is in the “ask the community” section, so the expectation is that the question has been asked of the community, not of Airtable support staff, and thus that the community will respond, not Airtable support staff.


Gotcha…I assumed they would peruse this forum and possibly answer things that have been lingering…