How to exclude value from a search

Hello I use Integromate to use airtable data to send emails. When a form is filled, Make sends emails to the matching records from airtable.

I use the following formula: {Vendor Country}=“Vendor country” If the form filler is also in my records. Make sends emails to the form filler. How can I exclude the form filler email from the emails to be sent?

Hi @FIRAT_BAYRAM_BAKIR, not too sure, but what if we tried {Form Filler Email} != "[Form Filler Email]"?

You want to include one criteria AND exclude another criteria?

You would need to use an AND() statement in your formula:

{Vendor Country}="Vendor Country",
{Vendor Email}!="Vendor Email"
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That is correct, email all matching country {Vendor Country}=“Vendor Country” and exclude {form filler Email}!=“Vendor Email”

Using this value but getting an error.

Here is my code:

Here is the error

When users post a job on my board, Make sends emails to the people in the project country. however, if the job poster is also a vendor and in the job poster is in the same country, Make sends an email to the job poster as well. I want to remove the job poster from the vendor email list. So Job poster doesn’t send email to himself

That is not a valid Airtable formula. I already gave you the exact formula above.

Copy and paste what I already wrote above. Do not change it, except for the values within the quotation marks which you should map to the fields that you want.

However, you can’t map your country field to an array, so you should put the number 1 inside the array’s brackets.

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