How to express Switch()

Sorry I dont understand formula. Iam using 2 row for my stock, first row is (Stock-DO), Second is IF({Stock}<0,‘:x:’,IF({Stok}=0,‘:heavy_minus_sign:’,{Stock}))
I DO belive there is a better solution.
So how to express Switch((Stock-DO),Stock<0,‘:x:’,Stock=0,‘:heavy_minus_sign:’,Stock>0,‘Stock’)

This is actually a case where a nested IF() is more suited than SWITCH(). SWITCH statements compare definite answers so Stock < 0 would be evaluated to either true or false, so unless the output of {StockDO} is a true/false field (like a checkbox), this setup will not work for you.

Your best bet is the formula you already have, probably, with (presumed) typos fixed.


Hopefully you mean columns. Comparing rows with formulas is not possible unless the rows are linked together.

the goal can be achieved using binary logic, like

but that’s more complex and not needed in that case,
while nested IF is simple and obvious.

thanks for the answer i just wanna know is there alternative, instead making a lot unique column

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