How to extract a portion text from one field and add it to other text in another field

Hi there!

I’m losing my mind trying to figure out a formula for something I thought would be quite simple.

Basically I have one field into which we input a URL (which comes from our CRM). I want to extract a particular portion of this and then add it to text in another field. To explain:

The original field might have something like the below:**about-us/our-favourite-restaurants-with-a-view**.html

I’d like to extract just the section in bold and add it to the following:

to create the below in the formula field:

I’m not super well versed in formula writing but have tried quite a few things. While the first portion of the original string (ending with “the-project/”) is always that exact number of characters (80 in this example), the issue I keep having is that the portion I want to extract isn’t a specific number of characters (it’s always different). And I also don’t want to include the “.html” portion at the end.

Can anyone help me figure out:
A. How to extract the exact portion of text that I want?
B. How to add it to the end of the new string?
C. How to do all this with one formula field?

Thanks SO much!

– Lara

Hi Lara, try this formula:

  "" & 

Hey Adam!

Thanks so much for the super speedy response. That works perfectly!

I also managed to get my Dad on the phone for help and he helped me get to the following, which also works:

IF({AEM URL}=“”,“”,“” & MID({URL},FIND(“/the-project”,{URL}),LEN({URL})-FIND(“/the-project”,{AEM URL})-4))

To be honest they both completely confuse me but just very glad to have the problem solved.

Thanks so much!

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