How to filter multiple columns using the AT API (CURL, FilterByFormula)

Hi, I want to query and filter a table based on several filters sent via the URI as parameters.
I found the Airtable API doc suggesting that I use the AT API encoder and use FIlterByFormula.
I tried it and it all works perfectly. but for only one formula. meaning it only works for one column. but I have around 8 columns I want to query.
How can I add more than one FilterByFormula in the URI?

If the URI Looks like this:,‘Instagram|Twitter’)

how can I make it like:,‘Instagram|Twitter’)&filterByFormula=REGEX_MATCH(Parent_Category_Bubble,‘Animal|Food’)

And keep adding appending to it, This is me testing it on Postman.

When I try to add more than one Formula:

Hi @Partnerships_Content,
I do not know if you can have more than one filterbyformula in a URL. I think you need to place an AND() in your one formula.

This page will help you build out the proper URL:

He @Vivid-Squid Thank you for the response.
I have figured it out.
Indeed you must use AND(). URI will be formed as follow:

filterByFormula=AND(expression1, expression2)
eg: …?filterByFormula=AND(SEARCH(“like”, “like me”), {price} > 100, …)

In case someone runs into the same issue.

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