How to find if contents of cell contains contents of another cell in different table

Happy to do the following in both Airtable and Excel (and involving as many steps as necessary). I have two separate tables with a similar multiselect column in each, involving many values or “tags” as I call them:

Table 1:

Table 2:

I want to add an additional column in Table 1 titled “Tags”. I’m trying to populate this column.

If Table 2’s Product Tags can all be found in Table 1’s Product Tags (not an exact match, but rather if Table 1’s column contains the content from Table 2), then I would like to return the name of the brand (column A) from Table 2.

Please help!!

Hi @Annie_Li,

Adam from Airtable here. To implement this in your base I think you’ll want to employ the use of linked record fields that allow you to use lookup, rollup, and count fields.

More here: Screen Recording 2021-05-13...

Hope that helps point you in the right direction~~

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I love the video, thank you!

I have a follow up question. I’ve done what you’ve recommended, and now I have two columns with matching brands. Is there a way I can fill a third column with matching values from the two columns for each row (“Similar brands based on products” and “Similar brands based on feel”)?

Otherwise I suppose I need to manipulate it in a database and paste it back here?

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