How to find the currently signed in user from a Formula field?

In a Base that assigns tasks to collaborators, I would like to show each collaborator what tasks they themselves are assigned to.

I’d like to have a view with a filter something like ‘Collaborator assigned’ is equal to ‘Current collaborator’ where ‘Current collaborator’ would be the value of the currently signed in collaborator.

If I was doing this inside a script I could use “” to get the current collaborator. Is there an equivalent way to get the current user from a formula?

The closest solution I’ve been able to think of so far is to just create a separate View for each user and hard code the collaborator (or another unique field) into the filter. I’d have a set of views like this:

See Jane’s Tasks
See Joe’s Tasks
See Jack’s Tasks

Is there a way that I could implement just one View, “My Tasks”, that would show just the tasks of the currently logged in collaborator?

Sadly, creating separate views is the only way to do it, if you stick with the Airtable interface.

Alternatively, you could setup a portal through to do it.

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