How to Format Currency when doing Text Concatenation?



I have a Formula field where I concatenate text from a Price field to create a currency string (text) for further copy and paste purposes.

When I concatenate the Price field, I get the floating number instead of the formatted price.

Price field formatting: $ 18,322,511.53
Formula field string I get: 18322511.5264

Now, I know I can concatenate the “$” symbol. However, I don’t know how to format the number itself to allow for commas and decimals.

Do you know how?


Take a look at the formula definition for the {DatePrice} field in this demo base. It should give you the basic structure you can adapt for your own purpose…


@W_Vann_Hall Thank you for your reply! Indeed, I noted a construct I hadn’t seen documented anywhere. How to use &"" to coerce a value into a string. The rest was dealing with LEN and REPLACE and similar. My solution doesn’t work for every edge case, but it was good enough.