How to forward email (Gmail) to create new record as a task in an Airtable To-Do list?

Hi all, Does anyone know how to forward emails (Gmail) to create a new record as a task in an Airtable To-Do list? Similar to the way I can forward emails to my ToDoist inbox or a receipt to my QuickBooks inbox? Thanks!

You could do that by setting up a Mailhook in Integromat:

Thanks but seems like that is just a way to set up an auto forward to another email address? How do I get the email (sender, contents and attachments) to appear as a record in an Airtable sheet? is there a place to create/find an email address for an Airtable sheet? Like this Integromat solution for turning emails into records (rows) in google sheets: Add new incoming emails to a Google Sheets spreadsheet as a new row | Integromat

You would setup all of that in your Integromat automation. Airtable doesn’t natively offer that functionality, but Integromat does.

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