How to freeze rows?

unable to find a way to freeze rows so they are not included in sorting

Google sheet has

was able to find only for columns

Ya, you’re thinking of Airtable too much in terms of a spreadsheet - Airtable, while structured like a spreadsheet in the “Grid” view, is much more a relational database than it is a spreadsheet.

You will want to use “Views” to accomplish a similar effect in Airtable. Build views that filter, sort, and group your data in different ways. Build as many views as you need to view your data in all the different ways you need to. Name your views in ways that help you identify exactly what is going on in each view.

Hope that helps. It can be a bit of a strange adjustment to make in the way you think about the organization of your data - but once you get used to it, I think you’ll find it much more flexible and powerful.

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Thanks, got your POV but if there is way to freeze columns, there should be a way to freeze rows. User might want some records to not be sorted and always be displayed at top.

Frozen rows can be used for header information, or important notes and instructions.

Hi Jeremy

You’re still thinking in spreadsheet terms - Airtable is NOT a spreadsheet.

If you want to achieve something like this then you’ll need to sort by a field that puts the records you want at the top of the list - for example using a specific manually entered field as the first sort field.

However, in Airtable you shouldn’t use data rows to hold header information or other notes - you should just hold data. Doing this would be a problem with calculated fields of all types (formula, lookup and rollup) etc

Airtable could choose to provide additional space for header information int their UI at some point but for now you can use field descriptions, table descriptions or a description block to provide help to users.

I hope this helps.

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Airtable is a hybrid.

From Airtable website itself : (image 1)

Part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible

and from search engine results : (image 2)

Looks Like A Spreadsheet | Acts Like A Database‎”

Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database”

Freezing rows and columns is an established feature, so … :slight_smile:

So how to freeze rows in a view? and in which view is this possible?

if it is not currently possible, is there a time frame when it might be available?

(image 1)


(image 2)

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