How to generate a link to the charts presented in the app chart?

Good afternoon, I can generate a link to view the graphics generated by chart app?

Can you show an example of what you are looking for?

I am new to airtable. I noticed that it is possible to generate a grid visualization link, but I would like to know how I can share the graphs created in the Chart app ?

This is what I built a solution for, I noticed that the charts you create cannot be exported in an interactive way to your website. supports airtable integration, you simply paste your airtable information and it will create the same chart for you. You copy iframe, paste it and you’ll have the chart on your website.

Let me know if you need help using the tool, quick video - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

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thanks for the suggestion, but i’m trying as hard as possible to use resources from the tool itself and avoid spending. according to airtable support there is a beta version of app sharing. they enabled it for me.

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