How to generate PDFs based on options chosen in Airtable form

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a PDF generation automation. I have a number of PDF “concept notes” each of them tied to a particular option I’d like to list in a form. I would like users to be able to use a multi-select option in the form to select which concept note they would like to be emailed, and have the automation merge all the options they selected into a single PDF, then email that to the user. I’m not sure how to design the automation to search for the docs (in a Google Drive) based on the form responses. How would you go about setting up such an automation? Any feedback or ideas welcome!

Thank you:)

Sort’a like this, or this I suspect.

I believe you are looking for this exact process leveraging Google Apps Script in G-Suite with Google Docs and Google Drive. I build these all the time where solutions like Integromat and Zapier are unable to meet all of the workflow requirements. But, you may want to give these tools a try first by reading this first.

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