How to get field names for a view?

I am using Metadata API to get table, field and view names. But I have over 130 fields for a table and the grid view ‘View1’ uses only 30 columns. So is there anyway i can get the field names per view (View1)?

Currently I have only have one option:
Get one random record from the view “View1” and fetch field names.
But this way doesn’t show the field names with empty values. So i am looking for Schema for View including field names and field types. MetadataAPI is only exposing view id, view name but not field names belongs to that view.

I have followed this link API behavior for empty fields / null values - #4 by Bill.French and found the hack is create hidden row. If i create a hidden dummy row, it will be visible in the normal grid view and for other users. I don’t want to create a filters for every user (almost 20 users). What is the best option to achieve this?

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