How to get graph bars sorted?

We have an app on one of our bases that shows a Pivot graph:

Each bar represents the values for a specific workweek - 20.35 all the way to 20.39
We want the bars to be sorted by week from left to right.
So week 20.35 will be leftmost, week 20.36 to the right of it and so on.
I have not found anything in the settings that allows it.
Any ideas?


Hi David, and welcome to the community!

I’m no expert in the Charts Block but doesn’t it order the bars based on the order of the view selected for the chart?

Hi @Bill.French, thanks for responding!
It doesn’t sort them according to their order in the view - the view is sorted by this column in ascending order but the chart’s order seems random.
There is an “order” setting for the graph, but it only allows selection between X-value and Y-value and not according to a table column:


Right, this is just a bad assumption by whoever created the Chart Block. Ideally, even if the chart block has a sort setting, it should allow users to determine the sort order in the view.

I would take a look at the new Vega-Lite block.

Thanks again @Bill.French, I will check out Vega-Lite!

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